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Displays data on a Figurine.


This template relies on the centralized data stored at Figurines in The Wind Waker and Figurines in The Minish Cap.

ParameterStatusDescriptionAccepted values
1gamerequiredGame of the desired figurine.
  • TWW
  • TMC
2nameoptionalName of the desired figurine.Depends on game


InputOutputCategories added
{{Figurine|TWW|Link & the King of Red Lions}}
Link & the King of Red Lions (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Link & the King of Red Lions Figurine Model.png
Link & the King of Red Lions
Birthplace: Outset Island
Favored Hand: Left

The Hero of Wind, Link uses the Wind Waker to control the wind and sail the seas on his mysterious boat (which is actually the King of Hyrule).

Surprisingly, he seems to have an unnatural interest in figurines and has at last completed his collection! He is now the master of the Nintendo Gallery.
{{Figurine|TMC|Ezlo and Link}}
Ezlo and Link (Figurine from The Minish Cap)
TMC Ezlo and Link Figurine Sprite.png
Ezlo and Link
A young boy on a quest with Ezlo to
restore the Four Sword.
With the sword's power, he hopes to
remove the curse on Princess Zelda.

Displays data on a [[Figurine]].

Template parameters

game1 game

Game of the desired figurine.

name2 name

Name of the desired figurine.

Page nameoptional

Dummy parameter. Do not use.