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This template provides a bit of code that will display text with an explanatory tooltip.

Use this template sparingly and only for non-essential notes. A large portion of Zelda Wiki's readers are on mobile devices that cannot open tooltips. When applicable, use Exp Game instead.


To use this template to have just the basic functionality, type:
    {{Exp|Explanation }}

  • Explanation — The tooltip explanation you wish to have.

Additional options are available as well:
    {{Exp| Explanation |Display Text |Color }}

  • Explanation — The tooltip explanation you wish to have. Due to a bug, the tooltip will not appear if it contains double quotes ("). Instead, use single quotes (') or the code ".
  • Display Text — Define a different text for the template to display. Defaults to an image of the Triforce.
  • Color — Optionally define a different color to use. Must be in HTML color format: either defined colors like Red, Blue, Yellow, etc. or hex codes with a sharp/pound symbol such as #00CC00. Defaults to Yellow if not defined.


{{Exp|Master Mode only}}Triforce piece.png
{{Exp|west in wii version|east}}east
{{Exp|This name is derived from Japanese text.|Gūma|#e44b1f}}Gūma
The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Exp/Documentation. (edit | history)