This template is a notice placed at the beginning of articles to notify users that an article has been marked for deletion. Articles should be marked for deletion if they don't follow the Guidelines. This is used as a method for anyone to "delete" a page when only Staff have permissions to fully delete pages.


To use this template, add {{Delete|<reason>|<date>}} at the top of the page deemed worthy of it.

For example, {{Delete|Article is a fan-created name and has little information.|August 13, 2018}} will generate:

This template may meet Zelda Wiki's criteria for deletion.

The given reason is: Article is a fan-created name and has little information.
Discuss this on the template's talk page, and if possible, improve the template in order to extend its life.
This template has been flagged for deletion since August 13, 2018.

Pages flagged with this template are added to Category:Articles Needing Deletion. Entering any text in a third parameter manually sorts the page. Entering "nocat" suppresses the category.

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Delete/Documentation. (edit | history)
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