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This is a variant of {{Cite}} that is to be used when pulling a quote or information from a book that is NOT A MANUAL, such as a strategy guide or any of the manga. This is to be used to cite sources, and should be used within <ref></ref> tags.

This template can also be used in FileInfo to source an image, in which case <ref></ref> tags should not be used. (Leave the "quote" field blank.)


To use, enter this code:


Citing a Book

    {{Cite Book|quote= |book= |publisher= |page= }}

  • quote — The quote to cite.
  • book — The book's title. (See notes.)
  • publisher — The publisher of the book. (See notes.)
  • page — The page(s) the citation appears on.

Notes: Hyrule Historia, Art & Artifacts, Encyclopedia, and Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion don't require their full title and publisher to be entered, just enter their abbreviations as book: HH, A&A, E, and CaC, respectively.

Citing a Guide

See Template:Cite Guide.

Citing a Manga

    {{Cite Book|type= Manga |quote= |character= |game= |publisher= |page= }}

  • quote — The quote to cite.
  • character — The quote to cite.
  • game — The game's abbreviation associated with that manga.
  • author — The last name of the author of the manga.
  • publisher — The publisher of the manga.
  • page — The page(s) the citation appears on.


InputOutputCategories added
{{Cite Book|quote= |book= E |publisher= |page= 5}}

Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 5

{{Cite Book|quote= This is a quote. |book= E |publisher= |page= 5}}

"This is a quote."  (Encyclopedia (Dark Horse Books) pg. 5)

{{Cite Book|quote= This is a quote. |book= E |publisher= Soleil |page= 5}}

"This is a quote."  (Encyclopedia (Les Éditions Soleil) pg. 5)

{{Cite Book|type= Manga|quote= This is a quote. |character= Felicia |game= LA |author= Cagiva |publisher= Enix |page= 5}}

"This is a quote." — Felicia (Link's Awakening (Enix Corporation) pg. 5)

{{Cite Book|type= Magazine|quote= This is a quote. |magazine= Nintendo Power|publisher= |issue= |date= July/August 1988|page= 5}}

"This is a quote."  (Nintendo Power (Nintendo of America) (July/August 1988) pg. 5)

The above documentation is transcluded from Template:Cite Book/Documentation. (edit | history)