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BotW Mount Hylia Peak.png
The peak of Mount Hylia, a location in Breath of the Wild with cold temperature.
Main appearance(s)

Temperature is a recurring gameplay mechanic in The Legend of Zelda series.


Ocarina of Time

Temperature is briefly used within the Death Mountain Crater and sections of the Fire Temple to hinder Link's progression. When exposed to the high temperature, a counter will appear and will cause Link to die unless he is revived by a fairy, however this can be prevented by wearing the Goron Tunic, allowing Link to stay cool and not die.

Skyward Sword

Temperature appears once again in Skyward Sword, serving the same purpose as it did in Ocarina of Time, preventing Link from entering places with high temperature like the Volcano Summit, but this time slowly damages Link and causes fire damage instead of a counter appearing. To stay cool when entering areas with high temperatures, Link must obtain the Fireshield Earrings from Din's Silent Realm trial.

Breath of the Wild

Unlike in the previous games, temperature is now a gameplay mechanic featured everywhere around Hyrule, and Link can check the temperature with a dial on the bottom-right screen or opening his Sheikah Slate and viewing the Map section with actual measurements. When exposed to different temperatures, Link will begin to take damage, but can prevent this by going to an area with more/less temperature (e.g. a body of water when too hot), equipping an elemental weapon, wearing armor or eating food with status effects.

When the temperature drops below 0°C - in places such as Mount Hylia - Link will experience level-1 cold temperature, that will slowly damage him, and when the temperature drops below -10°C - in places such as Hebra Peak - Link will experience level-2 cold temperature, and will take damage quicker. When the temperature is above 40°C, Link will experience level-1 hot temperature, that will also slowly damage him, and when the temperature is above 50°C, Link will experience level-2 hot temperature, and will take damage quicker. When Link enters the Eldin Region nearby lava, the temperature will read "ERROR", and Link will experience level-1 or 2 flaming temperature, depending on where he is, and will cause Link to take damage and wooden tools to catch fire. If Link is in a body of icy water, Link will take damage quickly, even if he is able to keep his temperature higher from the list above, and must exit the water otherwise he will face death.