Telma's Bar is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. An establishment in Hyrule Castle Town, it is popular amongst the citizens of the city, especially the Hyrulean Soldiers. The bar is owned and operated by Telma.


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Telma allows her bar to serve as the meeting place for the secret resistance force known simply as the Resistance; this small group, consisting of Ashei, Auru, Rusl and Shad, works underground to fight against the invading forces of Zant. Telma herself, as well as her cat Louise, are also partial members of the Resistance.

At one point, Telma's Bar plays host to Prince Ralis and an amnesiac Ilia after being rescued from Twilight monsters; Telma cares for them until Link arrives and helps her escort them to Kakariko Village.

The bar is also situated close to one end of the castle town's Underground Waterway that serves as a hidden entrance into Hyrule Castle; the waterway's entrance proper is situated in Jovani's house, to which the bar contains a shortcut. At one point, Link, carrying a dying Midna on his back, must make his way through the upper levels of the bar to find the entrance to the waterway. This requires a modicum of stealth on Link's part, as he must cross from one end of the bar to the other without attracting the attention of a wary Goron patrolling the lower level. The Goron will promptly toss Link out of the bar, should he fall down from the upper levels, or destroy more than one of the pots that litter the area, requiring Link to start anew.

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