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Teddy Todo
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Teddy Todo is a Bodyguard in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[citation needed] He is willing to offer his services to Tingle for a fee. When Tingle first encounters him, it is obvious that he is looking for an item of sorts. This item is eventually found in Insect Cavern, and it is called the Mini Death Bug Chrysalis. When he obtains this item, he quickly consumes it. The Chrysalis causes his skin to turn to a pale yellow color, and it also greatly increases his strength and health.

After this series of events, Teddy can only be hired when Tingle runs into him at random locations, and for a very high price.

Todo is known to carry a boom box around with him and often pulls it out to play a celebratory tune after an accomplishment of sorts. One of the tracks is none other than the tune played when Link opens a treasure chest and finds an item.

Left‎Mysterious Green Giant
Price - 20 Rupees
Health - 8
Strength - 8
Defense - 8

Left‎Hip Drop-tastic!
Price - 7000 Rupees
Health - 20
Strength - 20
Defense - 19