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Teddy Todo is a character from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. A bulky creature wielding a club and shield, he is the first bodyguard that Tingle meets during his adventure.


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After Tingle opens the way to the Hero's Shrine, Teddy Todo rushes ahead of him, and Tingle finds him inside standing before a gate that cannot be opened with his weight alone. Here, Tingle enlists him as his bodyguard and the two travel through the dungeon together. When they reach the lair of the dungeon boss, Beetle Lord Death Bug, the two work together to defeat the creature, and Teddy Todo gets stuck after the battle ends, requiring Tingle to "Share the loot" so that he may escape.

Later, Tingle encounters Teddy Todo again within the Insect Cavern. Todo was hired by the First Mate to excavate the treasures within, and here, the two work together again to reach the end of the dungeon. If Tingle finds the Mini Death Bug Chrysalis, he can give it to Teddy Todo near the end of the dungeon. After leaving the dungeon, Teddy Todo eats the mysterious substance and becomes powered up. His skin turns from a light green to a peach-like color. Also, his stats jump drastically; his health goes from 8 to 20, his strength goes from 6 to 20, and his defense goes from 3 to 19.

From this point forward, Teddy Todo will appear in random places throughout the game, and will offer his bodyguard skills to Tingle. If Teddy Todo is used to defeat Baron on Mount Desma, the drifter bodyguard reveals that his father was killed by the monster, and that the real reason he sought to obtain the Mini Death Bug Chrysalis was to get revenge.

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