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Teba is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Rito warrior and the husband of Saki. Teba also has a son named Tulin who he wishes to raise up as a warrior equal to Revali's skill.

He is voiced by Sean Chiplock in the English version of the game.

Personality and abilities

In comparison to Revali's arrogance and flamboyance, Teba comes across as disciplined and serious, albeit stubborn. He is not envious of Link's fighting prowess, and seems confident and secure in his own skills.

Teba, much like Revali, is a talented flyer, moving through intense wind currents with ease. Apparently he is also quite good with a bow, although his archery skills have yet to be seen.

Appearances in game

Teba can first be found at the Flight Range north of Rito Village, training on his own to fight Vah Medoh after previously failing to disable the Divine Beast. After Link speaks to Teba and explains that he wants to help, Teba requires him to complete a training exercise at the Flight Range to prove he is strong enough to fight in the air.

After the exercise has been completed, the two of them head into the sky to fight Vah Medoh. During the battle, Teba assists Link by getting the cannons to focus on him, giving Link an opening to shoot them down. Once the cannons have been taken out, Teba reveals that he was injured during the fight, and thus must return to the Flight Range to rest. He leaves Link to enter the Divine Beast on his own, wishing him luck in the trials waiting for him inside.

When Link gets back to Rito Village after freeing Vah Medoh, Teba thanks him for his efforts and hard work. He then leaves to take his son out to the Flight Range.

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