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"Master, do you see the glowing object just in front of you? That is a Tear of Farore. You will need to collect 15 of them. However, this is not as simple a task as it would seem."

Tears of the Goddesses, separately known as Tears of Farore, Tears of Nayru, Tears of Din, and Sacred Tears depending on location, are quest items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Artifacts left behind by the Golden Goddesses, as well as the goddess Hylia, they are found in the Silent Realms. In each Silent Realm, Link must gather all Tears in his Spirit Vessel in order to achieve spiritual growth, and receive a blessed item from one of the Goddesses.

Each time Link gathers one Tear, the Guardians will be stopped for 90 seconds, or if they are already still, the time till their awakening will reset to 90 seconds. If Link gathers all 15 Tears, the Guardians will be stopped permanently, unless Link is spotted by a Watcher or touches Waking Water. Gathering a Light Fruit extends a Beacon from each Tear for 30 seconds, allowing Link to locate them more easily. If Link is struck by a Guardian before he can return to the entrance with all 15 tears, then he must find the tears from the start; the locations of the tears he had collected previously will be marked on his map in future attempts. The locations will always be marked when the Silent Realms are replayed in the Lightning Round.

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