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Tarrey Town Race is a Mini-Game in Tears of the Kingdom.

Location and Rules[]

Fernison of the Zonai Survey Team has built vehicle prototypes using Zonai Devices and wants to test out their functionality on a test track.

The Tarrey Town Race can be found in Tarrey Town, just at the ground area behind the town. To play, Link will need to complete the quest Master the Vehicle Prototype, where Fernison needs to find some form of device to control the vehicle prototypes. Once Link the quest is complete, the minigame is available for play. It costs 20 Rupees to play.[verification needed]

In order to play, Link must provide a ground-based vehicle powered by a Steering Stick, the latter provided by Fernison. This marked Steering Stick has a brown hat that must be placed on the intended vehicle. Once the vehicle is confirmed, Link can talk to Fernison to start the race.

The goal is to use the vehicle to pass through all the marked lights on the track then return to the starting position in the allotted time. The lights can be passed through in any order as intended. Link must stay on the Steering Stick at all times during the race; if any time Link disembarks from the Steering Stick, the race ends in a failure.

The reward for completing the race are Rupee payouts.[verification needed]


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