"Since I've been transferred here, I've decided to build a village from scratch. Every village needs a name though. I think I'll call it...Tarrey Town."
— Hudson

Tarrey Town is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is located in the Akkala Highlands region of Hyrule. The Dah Hesho Shrine is found south of the town as well as a Great Fairy Fountain.


Tarrey Town is a new town in Hyrule. Its construction begins in the Akkala Highlands region by Hudson after Link purchases the available home in Hateno Village through the side quest "Hylian Homeowner". After this, Bolson transfers Hudson to Lake Akkala and suggests that Link goes and pays him a visit sometime. Upon Link's arrival, he sees Hudson mining away at a chunk of rock with pickaxe of Goron design and Hudson requests that Link help him construct the new town.



Tarrey Town on map

Main article: From the Ground Up

At first, Tarrey Town is an empty peninsula encircled by large rocks and trees. In order to unlock the full functionality of Tarrey Town, Link must help Hudson construct the town. This is done through the side quest "From the Ground Up". Hudson asks Link to help him build the town by providing him with wood and tracking down multiple people to assist in the construction whose names end in "-son".

In total, Link must provide Hudson with 110 wood and recruit four people: Greyson, Rhondson, Fyson, and Kapson.


Tarreytown botw

The center place of Tarrey Town

There are a total of four stores in Tarrey Town, as well as an inn that Link can use free of charge. The four stores are the Slippery Falcon, the general store of the town run by Fyson, the Ore and More shop ran by Pelison, the Rhondson Armor Boutique, an armor shop ran by Rhondson, and the secret Rare Armor Shop ran by Granté.


The following people are residents of Tarrey Town:


The following side quests are available in Tarrey Town:

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