"Link! Check me out: I'm up here keeping watch for the whole town! Yeah! Any more monsters try to attack, and I'm gonna be ready! I'll shout my head off and warn everybody! Aw, gee, but if I had a bow, then I could just sit up here and shoot all those nasty monsters... Oooh! Hey! I know, Link! You can show me how to use one! C'mon, PLEASE?! Just show me how to shoot a bow, Link! OK?"
— Talo

Talo is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. He is a young boy who lives in Ordon Village with his father, Jaggle; his mother, Pergie; and his younger brother, Malo.


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Talo greatly admires Link for his skills in swordplay and marksmanship. He is first encountered as one of the four children, along with Malo, Colin, and Beth, outside of Link's House on the morning of the second day of the game's events. When Link purchases the slingshot from Sera's Sundries, Talo and the other children beg him for a demonstration using targets erected around his treehouse. Talo is immature for his age, while his younger brother, Malo, is incredibly mature.

Later, the children spot the monkey who has been giving the villagers a difficult time lately. Talo, Malo and Beth pursue her, but it is Talo who ends up captured, along with the monkey herself, and Link rescues them from a cage near the entrance to the Forest Temple. Still later Link must bribe Talo with his Wooden Sword in order to go to Ordon Spring and retrieve Epona.

Talo is one of the children abducted during the capture of the children. He and the others, except for Ilia, are eventually found in the care of Renado, the shaman of Kakariko Village. When Barnes is telling Renado and the children about what happened to the lady who ran the goods store in Kakariko and what will happen to them if the Shadow Beasts get them, it is Talo's reaction that causes Renado to snap at Barnes and assure that they will be okay. After that, Talo keeps watch from a high vantage point to look out for any trouble in Kakariko. If Link enters the town in wolf form, Talo will shout a warning and everyone will clear the streets and seek shelter.

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It is possible that Talo is named after Talon. This is likely due to the fact that if an "n" is added to the end of "Talo" and "Malo", it spells out "Talon" and "Malon", the names of two recurring characters in the Legend of Zelda series. Interestingly, however, in the E3 2005 demo, Talo's original name was "Tarro", as shown in a beta screenshot. Interestingly, "Talo" means "house" in Finnish.


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