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There's really no reason to doubt the canonicity of this game, unless the site policy is to add the ambiguously canon template to all as of yet unreleased video games, in which case, I'll add the ambig template to Breath of the Wild. I would think the unreleased template would be enough for that, tho. --Zero-ELEC (talk) 22:00, 17 June 2015 (UTC)

Zelda U is unmistakably a main series game. It's pointless to consider it as ambiguous, whereas this is up in the air. The ambig template isn't quite here because it's unreleased (although that's a major factor as natural consequence), we just can't discern where it stands yet. - TonyT S C 22:07, 17 June 2015 (UTC)
We cannot discern where Zelda U stands, either, since we have practically no story information for it. There's no reason not to believe that both games are canon, what with them having the full title (Note that modern day spin-offs that are ambiguous or non-canon do not have "The Legend of Zelda" in their title). --Zero-ELEC (talk) 22:14, 17 June 2015 (UTC)
I don't agree either that TFH needed the ambiguous marker, but was asked to add it. I guess it's because it's a really different Zelda game that people are uncertain of it? Still, FS and FSA are both canon. - Midoro (T C) 22:25, 17 June 2015 (UTC)
Again, this is definitely a main series game, even if it's for a portable console and has multiplayer as it's main focus, just as Four Swords and FSA are. We have it listed as the eighteenth official entry, and I really see nothing to dissuade that notion. It's developed internally by Nintendo, has the title of "The Legend of Zelda" (which again, modern spin-offs don't), and there's precedence for multiplayer focused Zelda games. As far as I can see, the question isn't whether it's canonical or not, but more where does it take place in canon. (Which some interviewer should totally ask, while everyone's at E3!) --Zero-ELEC (talk) 23:04, 17 June 2015 (UTC)
I concur. Linebeck II (talk) 04:25, 18 June 2015 (UTC)
Hey. Have any of you guys heard of this? This is a direct quote: “Sometimes you have Zelda sequels and what we have today with Zelda: Triforce [sic] Heroes is completely different and not in the timeline of Zelda.” That's from an official at Nintendo of Canada. Does this mean TFH isn't canon? I've been discussing it with my friends. If it's truly not in the Timeline at all, it's pretty much non-canon by definition. And the game does seem VERY silly and cartoonish, even by Zelda standards. It's just not as story-driven as the other games in the series. It all seems to make TFH a spin-off. —ℕʘℬʘⅅㄚℕʘ1 (ㄒaʟҡ) 02:38, 8 July 2015 (UTC)
We've known that quote for awhile now. It is however conflicting. You have a producer who worked on the actual game saying they're not sure about the placement, and a representative who mainly speaks from one side of the entire company and who had no role in the game saying otherwise. It might be worth a mention on the article, but I still find this all very debatable.
And honestly, I'm getting really tired of the whole timeline = canonity thing. I'd rather that people ask Nintendo if the game is a main series game, not whether it is on the timeline or not. If the game is a main series game, then I consider it canon. - Midoro (T C) 03:53, 8 July 2015 (UTC)
Personally, I dislike the Zelda Timeline. But, if it's not in the Timeline, then it must be in a separate universe altogether, which DEFINITELY makes it non-canon, I, guess… But what do I know… We should probably just wait till the game comes out and see what it's like, but I'm kind of convinced it's a spin-off, judging by its cartoonish and ridiculous nature. —ℕʘℬʘⅅㄚℕʘ1 (ㄒaʟҡ) 04:24, 8 July 2015 (UTC)
Nintendo is always readjusting the timeline to suit their ideas. There was a point long ago where LA was the undisputed sequel to ALttP, but with the at the time release of the Oracle games, there was debate over that. No one ever expected that Oracles would be retconned as the sequel to ALttP. What I mean is that Nintendo is always changing things and that nothing they say is definite. I'd also still would rather take word from actual developers than a Canadian rep. Also FS and FSA are still canon, so just because TFH may not look or play like the other Zelda games, that does not discount it. What we need is more information from Nintendo as everything is still conflicted. - Midoro (T C) 02:40, 9 July 2015 (UTC)
Again, as Zero-ELEC said Nintendo has gone on record stating that "Spin off" titles do not receive "The Legend of Zelda" as part of the title. Which is why games like Link's Crossbow Training and Hyrule Warriors don't have the LoZ part in their titles. I think that until aonuma him self states its not part of the series canon, we should treat it as if it is. its like the whole "Innocent utill proven Guilty" statement, only "Canon until proven uncanon".
Ixbran (talk) 11:37, 5 September 2015 (UTC)
As I said in the edit summary for my recent action on the Links page, we are contacting a Nintendo representative to confirm whether what Gagnon's claim is true. Whether spin-off titles have historically been prefaced with "The Legend of Zelda" in the past is irrelevant (as it doesn't magically prevent them from changing norms). It is currently ambiguous, and that's a relatively kind gesture following Gagnon's claim that this game isn't part of the timeline. - TonyT S C 13:41, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

Placement in the Timeline revealed by Nintendo

it has been revealed that Tri-Force heroes is part of the Fallen Hero timeline, and takes place after A Link Between Worlds, and actually stars the same Link from ALBW.
Ixbran (talk) 01:48, 23 October 2015 (UTC)

Yeah, we're aware of that, and it's already been added. The game is definitely canon, and we won't be using the noncanon or ambiguous tags for this. =) - Midoro (T C) 04:26, 23 October 2015 (UTC)
I am so excited that this whole 'it might not be canon because its too silly' thing is finally over. It's officially canon, and no one can claim it isnt anymore.
Ixbran (talk) 05:19, 23 October 2015 (UTC)
Well, don't just stand there! Someone add it in! --LTIan (talk) 05:57, 27 October 2015 (UTC)
The wiki already has the timeline info added and considers the game to be canon (since we do not use the non-canon or ambiguous tags for pages related to it), and it's listed as canon under our Canon Policy. It's already covered. - Midoro (T C) 06:00, 27 October 2015 (UTC)

More Artwork

Via Zelda Insider. Lots of new character and costume artwork, as well as the silhouette of the games main villain.
Ixbran (talk) 11:37, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

Response. - TonyT S C 13:41, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

Added Page

Hello, I just added the glitches page, I hope I did it right... Blargensnorf (talk) 03:35, 2 November 2015 (UTC)

Thanks for cleaning up that horrible page Blargensnorf (talk) 01:25, 4 November 2015 (UTC)
Added the entirety of the credits page in 2 hours. I want to die Blargensnorf (talk) 01:25, 4 November 2015 (UTC)

Should we add this image to the gallery

This one: Since I added it but someone deleted it. Any thoughts? --Isamisa (talk) 17:36, 12 January 2016 (UTC)

It would go well on the credits page, like we have done for Spirit Tracks. Also, please remember to source your uploads if you have taken them from other sites! :) - TonyT S C 19:11, 12 January 2016 (UTC)

I haven't played the game so I don't know which image goes in which place, but we must add those images in the game's gallery under the "Ending" section like it was done to Spirit Tracks: Oh yeah and I will source my stuff --Isamisa (talk) 14:57, 14 January 2016 (UTC)

Other Images to add in the gallery

I've found these images we can add! This one is terrific: and here (the one from the right):


Also found this one, I don't know if it's during the game's introduction or credits:


And this one, (Link with the assistant, left):,


--Isamisa (talk) 15:36, 14 January 2016 (UTC)


Do we need a disambig (at least at the top of the page), since the term Tri Force Heroes is used in-game to refer to the Links? I would add it myself but since this wiki usually goes overkill with disambigs and in this case there isn't any, I was worried that it wouldn't be appropriate. Peanutjon (talk) 04:41, 4 September 2016 (UTC)

Problem with expanding Story section

The Story section has needed expansion for quite a while, and I would like to work on that, but there's a small problem. A lot of story-related segments that take place after where the article cuts off, are optional. Seeing them depends on whether or not you leave the Castle in between Stages and whom you speak to, and the specific things that are said/revealed depend on the point in time that you speak to them. I suppose I could write a synopsis based on the typical path a player takes? Or would it be preferred if I write about the story-related segments using ambiguous time frames? Htwretched (talk) 22:28, 28 September 2018 (UTC)