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It seems like the official name of this is "Swamp Shooting Gallery". And the one in Clock Town is "Town Shooting Gallery". Should we move them or would they, mainly the latter, get too confusing?
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Well, we could always leave the way they are now as redirects, and move the pages to their official names. I say we move them to their official names.
General Onox
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Yeah. We should have official names.


The guy who runs this place is the Terminan equivalent of the guy who runs the Bazaar in OoT. This connection is handled differently than any other instance I've seen on the wiki; it mentions here in-article that they look the same, but makes no reference to this guy in the "Man from the Bazaar" page. Generally equivalent people are connected via see also, or have a generic enough unofficial name that it applies to both. In this case, the guy from the swamp shooting gallery has no page and the man from the Bazaar's current name doesn't fit with this guy. My first thought is to just give the swamp gallery guy his own page, since plenty of similarly minor characters have one already.--FierceDeku 10:20, January 18, 2011 (UTC)

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