The books the Minish live in:

  • The Mysterious Nut (不思議の木の実 Fushigi no Kinomi?)
  • Tub & Hose (盥とホース Tarai to Hōsu?) 1 & 2
  • Flower Encyclopedia (お花図鑑 Ohana Zukan?)
  • Festival Customs (祭の仕来たり Matsuri no Shikitari?)
  • Philosophy (哲学 Tetsugaku?) 1 ~ 4
  • Festival Songs (祭の歌 Matsuri no Uta?)
  • Ancient Civilizations (古代文明 Kodai Bunmei?)
  • History of Hyrule (ハイラルの歴史 Hairaru no Rekishi?)

I'm not entirely sure about #2 (I think it might be "Triforce", or at least a pun on it), so if someone could get a good screen rip of that mini-map, I could check again. This is all in Old (TWW) Hylian, by the way.

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