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I thought we didn't make pages for things that are called "[name]'s house" unless they are overly important, like Link's House. I personally don't care either way, except if we allow this we have to make them for Saria's House, Mido's House, and a lot more. A few days ago I think TM put this up for deletion, but I removed it thinking it was just a blank page. Now I see that it was moved and that was simply a redirect. I don't really care either way at this point. I'm just pointing out that this is very random if we leave this and don't make a page for Holly's House and all the others as well.

sorry i didn't know my bad i'm new here and trying to get as many edits as i can so i can get promoted but i clearly have a lot to learn feel free to delete it. once again sorry

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I've made many edit mistakes that were absolutely terrible. Just look around for the any of the slightest mistakes in articles (you may even find articles that need serious editing) and edit them. I'm sure you'll do fine on Zeldapedia.--Link in Termina (talk) 01:21, August 2, 2010 (UTC)
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You don't have to be sorry for anything. You didn't do anything wrong. I'm just questioning the validity of this article since we either need to remove this or start making pages for all them. Nobody has really questioned it except for TM when it was first made. So now I am.

Edit: Here is a list of all of them that I could find... Marin and Tarin's House, Madam MeowMeow's House, Old Man Ulrira's House, Quadruplet's House, Saria's House, Impa's House, Mama's House, Nayru's House, Ancient Adler's House, Bipin's and Blossom's House, Rafton's House, Cheval's House, Mayor Plen's House, Dr. Troy's House, Mamamu Yan's House, Pippin's House, Dekadin's House, Ingo's House, Floodgate Keeper's House, Holly's House, Talon & Malon's House, Strange Brothers' House, Maggie House (already called Auction House), Percy's House, Stockwell's House, Astrid's House, all of the Anouki, Whittleton Chief's House, Niko's House (under Link's House), Alfonzo's House. These are probably not all of them as I was looking for things with a space and then house.

With all that being said, "Oshus' House" doesn't even seem to be an official name and if it is, I couldn't find it anywhere.

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Agreement with Joe. I was sort of unsure, but I thought I remembered the sword being found in the house itself, so that's why I didn't outright delete it.

The sword was found in a cave outside the house. And looking through that list I think one might have the right criteria to have an article. Percy's House is quite important part of his role in the game and you do have to solve a puzzle of sorts inside the house to get it's rewards. Oni Dark Link 22:06, August 2, 2010 (UTC)

Just to let you people know, we can always mention his house in the Oshus article! We don't need a seprate article for people's houses, when we can fit it into their own article, therefore packaging everything in a more soild piece. --Wind Mage Master 16:52, August 3, 2010 (UTC)

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We should come to a decision on these house articles. An IP just created Mido's House. I'm not necessarily against the whole house idea, but I think that we should have one article that lists all of the houses (that are important and have official names). We could have headers for each The Legend of Zelda game.
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Are any of them official names? The person's name followed by "House" doesnt seem to be official or anything, unless it's mentioned in the game text.

I think Joe has mentioned all the offical named ones. I'd like to see some opinions on Percy's House. Oni Dark Link 17:50, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

I agree with The Midna putting them all on 1 page is a good idea cause some houses play big parts in some of the games User: Zorfan122

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I honestly see no reason to keep this.

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I believe they should be kept if there is any significance regarding them plot or quest wise; i.e. if a subquest or relatively important event plot wise (for instance, a kinstone fusion or a hint from a certain character would not qualify) happened in the home/house even if it is not named it should probably be kept.
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