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Hey everybody. So, for the TMC section of the Light Arrows article, it says "Light Arrows etc etc blah blah blah". Now, the bow that shoots Light Arrows in TMC is called the Light Arrow, or so I think. Let me explain. This is the description for when you get the Light Arrow: "You got the Light Arrow! Now, you can fire arrows filled with sacred light!" And Link holds up the new bow. Okay, so:
  1. We have the item description for when you get it call it the Light Arrow.
  2. The Bow is clearly a new bow, suggesting that you are getting a new bow by the name of the Light Arrow. It has metal plating on it and the arrow has a metal tip. The description also suggests that the bow itself is the Light Arrow ("Now, you can fire arrows filled with sacred light!").
  3. On the Items Menu, if you move the cursor or whatever over the Light Arrow, the black box on the bottom says "Light Arrow".

So I think that this deserves its own article. I'm wondering what all you other Zeldapedians think and if this is a good idea or not. As stated above the bow is clearly different, so we aren't talking about Light Arrows here, we're talking about a different bow called the Light Arrow. Don't ask me why it's called that I don't know. So what do you guys/girls think?

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I think the only point that holds any ground is the third one on the item menu. You are getting light arrows and of course when your getting light arrows it will tell you that now you can shoot arrows of light. The bow it self looks different probably just to symbolize that there is now an added affect to it. I dont think a separate page should e made because unless you charge it the bow has the exact same property as before. It is an interesting observant though and might deserve a mention in the minish cap section
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You know my stance on this.
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For once I agree with Oni. It is a change in the bow, but not THAT different. It is interesting to note however.
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Hmmm. Well I agree with Oni I suppose. An honorable mention on the page is warranted, but I don't think its the best idea to make a whole new page for it.

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Okay then, I'll work that into the article. Instead of making a new page I mean.

Minish Cap Light/Regular Arrow Differences

This article doesn't explain what the Light Arrows are like in MC, only how to get them. I don't have them myself, but had a chance to test them a while back. If I remember correctly, you had to charge the bow for them to be different, they sparkled, moved faster, cut grass, but dealt no extra damage whatsoever. Can someone test and see how they work? I have a non-light arrow file that we can test against the light arrow one, if nobody has both on on hand.--FierceDeku 23:42, January 14, 2011 (UTC)

I'm quite certain the Light Arrow deals more damage then a standard arrow. At least three times as much based on the fact that you can kill eyegores in one shot Oni Dark Link 12:26, January 15, 2011 (UTC)
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