Skull Kid Artwork (Majora's Mask)
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So while the TMC info does not belong on this page, that is a good point brought up by the IP, dog food appears in TMC also. Is it called precisely Dog Food and if not, do we already have an article on it? If not not, should we make one?
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Lawl, you edit conflicting monster. Anyways, the game refers to it as "Bottle of Dog Food". I think a recurr-o is in order here. Writing "Bottle of Dog Food" looks...iffy, and doesn't fit with the rest of the names. Alternately, we could split them and disambiguate and whatnot.
Skull Kid Artwork (Majora's Mask)
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Not sure. Unlike some things they serve somewhat similar purposes, bring them to hungry animals. They are also quite different in some ways. I'm really fine either way.
General Onox
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What about the Ribbons? We split those. Seeing as they are pretty similar situation, shouldn't we either split these or merge those two?
Niko Artwork (The Wind Waker)
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Dog Food from TMC should be on this page. Just my opinion, though.
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