Theories, circuitous, and plots cleaned up

I heavily edited the Personality and Abilities section of this article; it's entirely likely that I took too much out. That being said, the previous version of these sections were unsalvageable in my opinion. They were too full of theories, circuitous asides, and lengthy plot rehashings. For example, there are many parts where Calamity Ganon is described as being so powerful as to have caused the plot to happen, or to have caused people to arm themselves against him, when that is already covered in the story section. Or a part that appeared verbatim in both Personality and Abilities theorizing that the reason the leader of the Yiga Clan is not revived by the Blood Moon is because Ganon is mad at him.

I think that what we have now is cleaner, more factual, easier to read, and is ready to be expanded with any relevant details that were missing or that I failed to preserve. Hugseverycat (talk) 22:36, May 8, 2018

Many thanks, really very helpful. You have not removed too much things since this page had been overfilled by a contributor who is/was used to heavily overfilling articles, and it takes a lot of time to correct all these pages. WiseAdventurer (talk) 12:42, May 9, 2018 (UTC)
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