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Ok....taking a look at the letters on ancient gold piece. They seem to match Third Hylian characters, which are japanese. は ハ ha

い イ i

ら ラ ra

る ル ru

ぎ ギ gi

ん ン n (Uvular nasal)

こ コ ko

う ウ u

Which roughly translates into Bank of Hyrule, or Hyrule Bank. --Web Metz (talk) 03:36, 1 September 2020 (UTC)

Hi there, I see that this is your first edit, so welcome to the wiki. These sorts of findings are things we like to document, in fact we have an entire section for Hylian Language Translations (which we're in the process of reconstructing with a new, standardized table template), and the Ancient Gold Piece is already listed on the Spirit Tracks page. Clearly, not all of the listed translations have made their way back onto the subjects' own pages, so thanks for pointing this one out. If you find any more translations that we're missing or you'd like to contribute in any other way, feel free to join our Discord server; the link is on the menu to the left. Htwretched (talk) 05:01, 1 September 2020 (UTC)