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Takashi Tezuka is a video game designer and producer at Nintendo.


Tezuka joined Nintendo in April 1984. He worked as director of The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past and Link's Awakening, and as producer of The Wind Waker. Since Ocarina of Time, Tezuka has worked as supervisor in every other game in The Legend of Zelda series.

The Legend of Zelda games[]

Game Position
The Legend of Zelda Director, designer, writer
A Link to the Past Director
Link's Awakening Director
BS The Legend of Zelda Designer
Ancient Stone Tablets Supervisor
Ocarina of Time Supervisor
Majora's Mask Supervisor
Oracle of Seasons Supervisor
Oracle of Ages Supervisor
Four Swords Supervisor
The Wind Waker Producer
Four Swords Adventures Supervisor
The Minish Cap Supervisor
Twilight Princess Supervisor
Phantom Hourglass Supervisor
Spirit Tracks Supervisor
Skyward Sword Supervisor
A Link Between Worlds Supervisor
Tri Force Heroes Supervisor
Breath of the Wild Supervisor


  • Tezuka has a wife who is normally quiet and shy, but she one day exploded in a fit or rage, maddened by the time Tezuka had spent at work with Nintendo. This eventually foreshadowed the idea of Tezuka creating a ghost character known as Boo, who first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • Aside from the Zelda series, Tezuka has collaborated with other gaming series, including Mario, Pikmin, and Animal Crossing.
  • Before The Legend of Zelda series came to life, Tezuka was first credited as the game designer for Devil World back in 1984.