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Tabantha Moose
BotW Tabantha Moose Model.png
Era(s)Era of the Wilds
Habitat(s)Hebra Mountains
Gerudo Highlands

Tabantha Moose are Creatures in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hyrule Compendium Entry

024 (024) Tabantha Moose
BotW Hyrule Compendium Tabantha Moose.png
The largest breed of deer in Hyrule, this mammal's origin was traced back to the Tabantha region. It's easily distinguished by its immense antlers, which these moose shed and regrow yearly. Their meat is tender and high quality, so it works well in a stew.
Common Locations
Hebra Mountains
Gerudo Highlands
Recoverable Materials
Raw Prime Meat Raw Gourmet Meat

A Tabantha Moose is a great stag covered in shaggy fur. It has high, sloping shoulders and a muscular build. It is a quadruped that stands on thin legs, each one ending in a large cloven hoof covered in furry tufts. Its body is a solid dark brown that breaks into a whitish color at its wrists and heels. It has beady eyes and a distinctive, rotund snout. A fat, woolly dewlap extends from its throat. The most eye-catching parts of the Moose’s anatomy are its palmate antlers, which it sheds and regrows annually.[2]

Tabantha Moose is a large species of deer exclusively found in the snowy, montane areas of Hyrule.[3] The Hyrule Compendium specifies the Hebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands as common locations where they can be found, but – as their name suggests – they are also found in Tabantha. Though usually found alone or in the company of a Great-Horned Rhinoceros, herds of Tabantha Moose can be found on the Tabantha Tundra. Despite their size, the Moose are skittish animals that will flee at the slightest detection of sound. Tabantha Moose are known for their high-quality meat. Killing one produces either Raw Prime Meat or Raw Gourmet Meat, rarer spoils than regular Raw Meat. The Raw Gourmet Meat can be given to Trott in order to complete the Side Quest, "A Rare Find".


  • The Tabantha Moose is the only species of deer that Link cannot mount or ride in Breath of the Wild.
  • The Tabantha Moose strikingly resembles and is likely based on a bull moose, massive deer found in forests of the northern hemisphere.
    • Tabantha Moose are physically only reflective of male moose. There are no Tabantha Moose resembling female moose in Breath of the Wild.


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ItalyItalianAlce di Colbacco
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