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Tabantha Bridge Stable
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Tabantha Bridge Stable is a location in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Features and Overview

Tabantha Bridge Stable is located in Hyrule Ridge, just east of the Tabantha Great Bridge. The Shae Loya Shrine is just south of it, providing a convenient Travel Gate to the Stable when activated. The Stable contains a number of cargo containers just outside of it, with a Soldier's Broadsword resting against a crate with a Soldier's Bow sitting atop it, along with two bundles of Wood. Another crate nearby has three Spicy Peppers on top of it. In front of a covered wagon rests a Woodcutter's Axe. A Cooking Pot can be found to the right of the Stable entrance near another cluster of crates, one of which has three Wildberries for the taking. Two Torches can be picked up, one in a stacked barrel and another on a crate by the Cooking Pot. A livestock pen containing three White Goats is found to the left of the Stable yurt surrounding a mushroom tree. Two more Wood bundles are behind the Stable yurt on a cart.

The Stable is run by Dabi, who mans both its Horse services and lodging. As with all other Stables, Beedle can occasionally be found here selling his wares. Toren can be found near the Cooking Pot, who initiates the Side Quest "A Gift for the Great Fairy". The children Ena, Kenyo, and Sho all live here. Banji, frequently inspecting the Stable's cargo, can offer Link directions into surrounding areas. During the Quest "Captured Memories" Pikango can be found at Tabantha Bridge Stable, and will assist Link if he has completed the Quest "Find the Fairy Fountain".

Inside the Stable there is a recipe for Hearty Elixir on the wall.





TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseタバンタ大橋馬宿 (Tabanta Ōhashi Umayado)Tabanta Great Bridge Stable
Tabanta is the Japanese name for Castor and Tabantha.
Latin AmericaSpanishLARancho de Tabanta[2]Tabanta Ranch
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