"- Beware of bandits! - Incidents of travelers being attacked in this area are on the rise. Travelling alone at night is dangerous. The Tabantha Bridge Stable up ahead can guarantee your safety."

The Tabantha Bridge Stable is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is a stable located in the Hyrule Ridge region of Central Hyrule near the Tabantha Great Bridge from which it gets its name. It is run by the Stable Clerk Dabi while the caretaker Banji gives directions to travelers. The stable also employs Chork and Gregal, along with Banji‘s three children Ena, Kenyo, and Sho.

Ath this stabel Link can learn from Banji about the local folklore, such as the horse god Malanya, who is said to watch over the stable, and the Lord of Satori Mountain. He can also receive the Side QuestA Gift for the Great Fairy’ from Toren, who wants Link to take a gift of 500 Rupees to the Great Fairy Kaysa.

During the Captured Memories Quest Pikango can be found painting at this stable and will assist Link if he has completed the Find the Fairy Fountain quest back in Kakariko Village.

Outside is a pen containing three Goats, several crates with Spicy Peppers and Wildberries laying on top that Link can take. Like most stables there is a Cooking Pot outside, however unlike most other stables pots, the fire underneath will not go out in the rain as it is sheltered by one of the mushroom like trees natives to the region. Link can find a Torch, Soldier's Bow, Soldier's Broadsword, and Woodcutter's Axe here, along with a few bundles of Wood and, in the evening Sunset Fireflies.

There is a recipe for Hearty Elixir on the stable wall.



As with most stables Beedle can be found wandering near Tabantha Bridge Stable during the day before coming in to rest at night. While staying here he sells arrows and butterflies.

Item Stock Price (Rupees)
Arrow 20 6
Arrow x10 1 45
Summerwing Butterfly 3 10
Winterwing Butterfly 3 10
Thunderwing Butterfly 3 10
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