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Symphony of the Mask
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Playable Skull Kid

Symphony of the Mask is the third downloadable content pack for Cadence of Hyrule.[1] It is available as part of the Cadence of Hyrule Season Pass.


Symphony of the Mask introduces the Skull Kid as a playable character, as well as a new map, story, and Songs.[1]

Symphony of the Mask follows the story of the Skull Kid, who has the ability to change Masks in order to make use of their respective powers, akin to the Masks from Termina in Majora's Mask. The Masks available to the Skull Kid are the Deku Mask, the Skull Mask, the Darknut Mask, the Zora Mask, the Goron Mask and the Mask of Truth. It also shows the Gerudo and Deku civilizations are still surviving in the Future Hyrule after Ganon takes power and defeats Octavo, as well as new enemies such as Ropes, Vires, Goriyas, and Taroses, while enemies like Moblins, Bokoblins, and Tektites wear Skull Masks allowing them to survive an additional hit.

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