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Symin is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Symin is the assistant of Purah, the director of Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. When first approached, Symin offers Link a greeting and fawns over the shelves of research tomes in the Lab's possession.[2] The assistant begins to wonder at the exact amount of books on hand, but is distracted by the sight of Link's Sheikah Slate.[3] He requests to see the Runes on the Slate, which Link readily does.[4] Although he examines all of the runes, he notes that Link appears to be missing some.[5] After a moment, he realizes that he has not given Link his name and properly introduces himself.[6] Before Link is able to return the favor, Symin correctly guesses his name.[7] He explains that Impa informed him about Link ahead of time.[8] Symin remembers that he must tell Link something important and turns to get Purah's attention.[9] Link will ask Symin to clarify and the man realizes that he has not yet introduced Purah to him, motioning to the little girl in the room.[10] He respects Purah greatly.[11] He begins to explain the director's appearance, but realizes that maybe Purah should be the one to do so.[12]

Link can then ask Symin about either the Sheikah Slate or the Lab itself.[13] Bringing up the Slate allows Symin to explain its history.[14] He expresses his pleasure with the knowledge that Link will use it properly, knowing the results would be disastrous in the wrong hands.[15] Asking about the Lab pushes Symin to excitedly explain the purpose of the building.[16] Eventually, Symin realizes that he is likely boring Link with his speech.[17] He decides to put his words in a way that expresses the usefulness of their research plainly by giving the possibility of Calamity Ganon's full sealing.[18]


Symin's name comes from the fruit persimmon.

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