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Swordsman Newsletter #6 is an Object in The Minish Cap.[1]


The Swordsman Newsletter becomes available for purchase after Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with the Postman, inspiring Stamp to enlist Marcy and Swiftblade in creating the Swordsman Newsletter series.[2]

The Swordsman Newsletter #6, the sixth issue, can be purchased for 200 Rupees at the Post Office after Link obtains at least six Tiger Scrolls.


Here's What You Do!

Have you seen a monster wrapped in bandages? It tries to grab you? Well, here's a pro tip: bandages burn easily, especially on a mummy! I don't have to spell this out, do I? Yeah, you know what I'm about to say! That's right, it's time to light up their world FWOOOSH!

Teach us, Teacher!

Those heavy-handed Floor Masters... And their irritating friend, the Wall Masters... They're really annoying, but if you beat one, they say you'll be rich!! But it's just a rumor... Don't complain to me if it turns out to be wrong.

Swiftblade's Gossip Column

Rupee-stealing nasties... Those Rupee-camouflaged creeps have been ripping a lot of of you lately. I've heard that you greedy adventurers are getting soaked! In fact, I hear that the greedier you are, the more it takes! Or so it seems... But it's just a rumor...

Swiftblade, Signing Off!

We've got reader mail again! "Hey, Swiftblade, do you have a hobby?" Training! See you in issue 7! Until next time, warriors!!!!


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