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Swordsman Newsletter 4
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Swordsman Newsletter #4 is an Object in The Minish Cap.[1]


The Swordsman Newsletter becomes available for purchase after Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with the Postman, inspiring Stamp to enlist Marcy and Swiftblade in creating the Swordsman Newsletter series.[2]

The Swordsman Newsletter #4, the fourth issue, can be purchased for 200 Rupees at the Post Office after Link obtains at least four Tiger Scrolls.


Seek Out the Strong!

Have you ever seen a golden monster? When you fuse Kinstone pieces, you might get the rare chance to meet one. They're much stronger than the regular version of that monster. Of course, if you beat one of 'em, you'll get something REALLY good! If you see one, go fight it instantly! Just drop everything and go!

Teach us, Teacher!

Coping with a Thorny Situation. Those thorny little thorn monsters! Your sword doesn't hurt 'em at all! But if you bump 'em with your shield up, they'll totally flip! There are other ways, though, Flip 'em with a bomb! Or your Cane of Pacci! Or with a well-placed Down Thrust! How's that for options? Your head must be swimming at the possibilities!

Swiftblade's Gossip Column

Remote Bombs... Here's a secret: you can blow them up whenever you want! How cool is that?! Or so it seems... But it's just a rumor...

Swiftblade, Signing Off!

I went to Lon Lon Ranch the other day. I saw the ghost of Swiftblade the First defeat a cow with his bare hands! It was kind of sad, really... See you in issue 5! Until next time, warriors!!!!


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