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Swordsman Newsletter #3 is an Object in The Minish Cap.[1]


The Swordsman Newsletter becomes available for purchase after Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with the Postman, inspiring Stamp to enlist Marcy and Swiftblade in creating the Swordsman Newsletter series.[2]

The Swordsman Newsletter #3, the third issue, can be purchased for 200 Rupees at the Post Office after Link obtains at least three Tiger Scrolls.


Got a Bone to Pick?

You're sure to run into more than a few skeletons on your journey. That's why this week's newsletter is dedicated to all you bone-breakers! A good, solid whack to the head should do the trick. That's their weak spot! Try smacking them with a beam from your Cane of Pacci. You should also try your Gust Jar. That head should just pop right off! They go all to pieces once they lose their head.

Teach us, Teacher!

Those darn Bob-ombs! If you hit them with your sword, they'll run all over the place and explode! But don't you worry. This newsletter's here to teach you how to cope! Your best bet is arrows! One shot can take them down! You can fire from a safe distance, too! There's also your Gust Jar... Draw them in and shoot them out, and they'll even blow up whatever they hit!

Swiftblade's Gossip Column

Light Arrows are amazing... They go through grass! They fell a monster with one strike! They're handy! They're dandy! They're a super-duper-ultra-item! Or so it seems... But it's just a rumor...

Swiftblade, Signing Off!

We've got more reader mail this week! "Hey, Swftblade! How many siblings do you have?" There are nine of us, not counting the ghost of Swiftblade the First. I'm the oldest, but again, that's if you don't count Swiftblade the First! See you in issue 4! Until next time, warriors!!!!


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