"Enter all disciples and those who choose to be enlightened with the way of the sword."

The Swordsman's School, also known as the Mighty Training Center, is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Located in West Clock Town, the Swordsman's School is a training center for the art of swordplay. The school is owned and operated by the mysterious Swordsman.

The Swordsman's School offers two training courses; the Novice Course, where Link can learn all the basic maneuvers of the sword at the cost of one Rupee, and the Expert Course, where Link can hit targets for points at the cost of ten Rupees. If Link successfully uses the Jump Attack on all the wooden targets, he receives the most points. A perfect score, 30 points, is rewarded with a Piece of Heart. In the 3DS remake, after receiving the Piece of Heart, scoring 30 points will earn Link a Fishing Hole Pass.

Interestingly, if Link visits the Swordsman's School when the Moon is less then six hours from hitting Clock Town, he will find the door unlocked, but the Swordsman missing. A sign on the back wall states that the Swordsman has gone on an essential holiday, and if Link strikes the wall with his sword, it will collapse, revealing the Swordsman curled up in the corner crying about how he is scared and does not want to die.

The sign on the wall behind the swordsman reads 剣道場, or “sword dojo”.

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