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The Swordsman is a character in Majora's Mask.[1]


The Swordsman is a swordsmanship teacher in the Swordsman's School located in West Clock Town. He offers two types of training courses; the Novice Course, which costs one Rupee, and the advanced Expert Course, for 10 Rupees. The Novice Course can tutor Link on using the Sword, and serves as an optional tutorial. The Expert Course takes the form of a mini-game, where Link must chop logs with Jump Attacks to score points. If he earns 30 Points, the Swordsman will give him a Piece of Heart. In Majora's Mask 3D, beating the Expert Course again will earn Link a Fishing Hole Pass, sparking the Swordsman to question if Link has a complaint. [2] If Link attempts to study under the Swordsman without a Sword in his inventory, the Swordsman will call him a fool and refuse to teach him.[3]

He boasts about his bravery and claims that he does not fear the Moon.[4] His actions, however, would seem to indicate otherwise. If Link goes to the training center after midnight on the night of the Final Day, he will find that he has set up a sign saying he has gone away. If the young hero slashes the wall behind the sign, he will find the Swordsman curled up in the corner saying that he does not want to die.[5]

Reactions to Masks

The Swordsman reacts differently to each of Link's masks. He will not allow the hero to train with one on.

List of reactions
Mask Reaction
All-Night Mask Why do you wear the All-Night Mask? Are you suggesting that my instructions will put you to sleep? How rude! Be gone!
Blast Mask I cannot allow such an evil weapon in here. Come back when you are ready!
Bremen Mask This is a training center for the sacred sword! Do not wear that mask and march around in here! If you wish to do that, go outside!
Bunny Hood Ohh, how adorable! Let me tug on your long ears... Ahem...If you study the way of the sword here, you'll get your bunny dirty, so put it away.
Captain's Hat Waaah! If you wish to study the way of the sword, remove that mask! It looks like something I saw in a bad dream...
Couple's Mask Oh, congratulations! Did a friend get married? Mmm...To be young...
Deku Mask This is a training center for learning the sacred way of the sword. It is no place for children!
Don Gero's Mask I'm no good at singing, so I won't sing. Not even if you wear that!
Garo Mask Why do you wear a ninja's mask? Do you wish to become a ninja in the future? How nice. The innocence of children...
Gibdo Mask Frightening! That mask! It's frightening!!! That scares me. Take it off! Take it off!
Goron Mask This training center is for studying the lowly sword...It is no place for one of your stature, sir.
Great Fairy Mask Hey, that's not bad. That girl's mask is very beautiful! I'll lose my focus if I try to instruct you while you're wearing that. Leave it at home. Or...I could keep it for you.
Kafei's Mask I do not know that child.
Kamaro's Mask Why that mask? Are you making fun of me? If you're making fun of me, be gone!
Keaton Mask This is a training center for studying the ways of the sword, so I will teach anyone who has a sword...But first, leave that mask at home...
Mask of Scents I am not stinky! I take a bath at least once a month!
Mask of Truth This is a training center for the sacred sword! What is that mask? Is that the manner of one who wishes to study the sword?! Come when you are ready!
Postman's Hat Ahh... You always do a wonderful job delivering the mail.
Romani's Mask ......Do you really wish to study the sword? Sorry, but I can't find the will to teach at the moment...
Stone Mask Hmm? ...Is someone there???
Troupe Leader's Mask This is a training center for studying the sacred sword! Why that mask? How ugly and sorrowful! If you wish to study the sword, first remove that strange plaything.
Zora Mask How unfortunate it is, since you seem to have good skill, but this is a center for studying the way of the sword. If you don't have one... But if you have a friend who wants to study, tell them we have a special discount going on.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
FranceFrenchEUMaître d'armes (MM3D)Weapon master
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