Sword & Shield Maze is the eighth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. It is home to the Changing Seasons, the final Essence of Nature. Its name is derived from the layout; the dungeon has two levels, one shaped like a sword and the other shaped like a shield. It is also the only place in Subrosia in which Rupees can be obtained.


The Sword & Shield Maze is the only dungeon located in Subrosia. It is located in a bizarre volcano in the northwest corner of the map, which has eyes that watch Link. It can only be accessed via a portal to Subrosia located in the Temple Remains.


The dungeon's floors are shaped like a sword and a shield. The first floor, the shield, is covered in ice. This makes it very difficult to maneuver, though this can be remedied by the Snowshoe Ring. The basement, the sword, is full of magma. The magma in some areas of the basement can be cooled by magical ice crystals found on the first floor, allowing Link to pass.






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