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This article is about the recurring items named "Sword". For other Swords, see Sword (Disambiguation).

Swords,(TLoZ | LA | TFH | BotW)[1][2][3] also known as Fighter's Swords,(ALttP)[4] are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and uses[]

The Legend of Zelda[]

First appearing in The Legend of Zelda, the Sword can be obtained in a Cave accessed from the starting screen. Inside, Link finds an Old Man who tells him to take the Sword because it is dangerous to travel alone.[5] The Sword has two additional color variants which appear when Link wears either the Blue Ring or the Red Ring. The Sword can damage almost every enemy, but it is one of the weakest items in the game. However, the Sword can be replaced by the White Sword and then the Magical Sword, which each deals twice the damage of its predecessor. A Sword that is designed like a rapier is depicted on the Title Display of the game. It is not confirmed to be any of the Swords that can be obtained in the game.

A Link to the Past[]

A Link to the Past Manual Description
A Link to the Past logo
The sword has four potential levels of power. You can see what level your sword is currently at by looking at the number next to the sword symbol on your Sub Screen. Your first goal is to obtain the Master Sword, which is power level two.
A Link to the Past & Four Swords Manual Description
A Link to the Past & Four Swords logo
There are four levels of power. The damage your sword does increases with each level.

The Fighter's Sword is given to Link by his Uncle along with the Fighter's Shield as he enters Hyrule Castle. Link uses the Fighter's Sword until he obtains the Master Sword.

During the credits, Link's Uncle is shown using the Fighter's Sword again.

Link's Awakening[]

Link's Awakening Manual Description
Link's Awakening logo
This trusty blade is your main weapon. You can use it to attack enemies or cut the grass. Rumor has it that there is a more powerful Sword hidden on Koholint Island.

The Sword in Link's Awakening is the first Sword that Link can obtain. It is from Link's previous adventures and has his name engraved on it.[6] Link finds it on Toronbo Shores shortly after waking up after his crash on Koholint Island. By bringing 20 Secret Seashells to the Seashell Mansion, Link can replace it with the Level 2 Sword.[7][8]

By holding his Sword out, Link can move while he keeps facing the same direction.[9] If Link then releases his Sword, he will perform a Whirling Blade attack,[10] which deals more damage than a regular Sword blow.[11]

Link can also hit walls with his Sword to determine whether or not they can be destroyed using Bombs.[12]

Tri Force Heroes[]

The Sword is used by the Links in Tri Force Heroes.[13] It changes appearance when certain outfits are worn, such as the Sword Suit, the Sword Master Suit, the Dapper Spinner, the Hero's Tunic, Ninja Gi, the Spin Attack Attire and the Tri Suit. While wearing the Fierce Deity Armor, the Sword becomes the Fierce Deity Sword. In addition, the Sword becomes a Telescope while wearing Linebeck's Uniform, and a parasol while wearing the Lady's Ensemble.

Breath of the Wild[]

TMC Kinstone Piece Artwork 2
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The Sword in Breath of the Wild can be obtained randomly from a Treasure Chest dropped by scanning The Legend of Zelda Link amiibo with the amiibo Rune. It is described as a Sword that was once wielded by a hero in an ancient age.[3] Its appearance resembles its design throughout the artwork of The Legend of Zelda.

Being made of metal, the Sword will conduct Electricity attract Lightning during Thunderstorms. It will sink if it is dropped in Water, but it can be picked up again and manipulated using the Magnesis Rune. It is also unable to burn when exposed to Fire or a Scorching Climate.

In other media[]

The Legend of Zelda (TV series)[]

In the "Stinging a Stinger" episode of The Legend of Zelda TV series, Sleezenose offers Link a Sword as a sign of gratitude for having saved him.[14] Although Link first hesitates to trade it in for his Crissword,[15] Sleezenose explains that anyone who carries the Sword is made irresistible to women, especially princesses.[16] This convinces Link and causes him to immediately hand over his old Sword when he hears Princess Zelda screaming for help.[17] When Link finds Zelda, she is being attacked by a Patra.[18] The young hero, confident about his new Sword, faces an incoming Patra, but one beam from the foe breaks the Sword in half and causes Link to collapse from the attack. When he looks up and sees the broken Sword, he realizes that he has been tricked by Sleezenose. Link leaves behind the broken Sword when Ganon appears and captures him.

Link's Awakening (Cagiva)[]

In the Link's Awakening manga by Ataru Cagiva, Link finds his lost Sword at Toronbo Shores after waking up from the shipwreck. During the fight against the Angler Fish, Link breaks the Sword after stabbing the boss on its head.

Spinoff appearances[]

The Faces of Evil[]

TFoE Sword Sprite

In The Faces of Evil, the Sword is used as Link's main weapon.[19] As well as being used to fight enemies with, it is also used to pick up dropped items and talk to characters by striking them. In the game's tutorial, the Sword is also referred to as a "Smart Sword", and it is explained that it will not hurt friendly characters but instead encourage them to talk.[20]

Link can later receive a stronger Sword called the Power Sword, which replaces his standard Sword.

The Wand of Gamelon[]

In The Wand of Gamelon, the Sword is used as Zelda's main weapon.[21] Identically to The Faces of Evil, it is also able to pick up items and encourage characters to talk, in addition to fighting enemies with. The Sword is also referred to as a "Smart Sword" in the game's tutorial.[22]

As in The Faces of Evil, Zelda can later find the stronger Power Sword. It replaces her standard Sword.



TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseソード (Sōdo) (TLoZ)[24]
剣 (Ken) (ALttP)[25]
Same as English.
Same as English.
NetherlandsDutchZwaard (TLoZ)[26]Sword
FranceFrenchEUEpée (TLoZ)[27]Sword
GermanyGermanSchwert (LA | LANS)[28]Same as English.
ItalyItalianSpada (LANS)
Latin AmericaSpanishLAEspada (LANS)
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