Switch Hook

The Switch Hook is an item in Oracle of Ages.[1] It is a grappling, claw-like item that will switch the position of Link with whatever it grabs.

Location and Uses

The Switch Hook is obtained in the Skull Dungeon. The item functions similarly to a Hookshot by extending and retracting, however, when Link fires the Switch Hook, he will switch places with whatever it grabs onto. The Switch Hook is able to grab onto most objects and enemies, including objects such as Jars or large diamonds, the latter of which only react to the Switch Hook. After grabbing onto the object or enemy, Link and the grabbed thing will momentarily disappear before switching to opposite sides. Because of this, the Switch Hook is mainly used to cross areas by switching sides, as well as solving puzzles, usually by moving an object over. Some enemies are especially susceptible to the Switch Hook, such as Iron Masks, whose masks can be removed by using the Switch Hook.

There is a L-2 Switch Hook upgrade called the Long Hook found within Jabu-Jabu's Belly.


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