The Swamp of Evil is a location from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It is the Dark World counterpart of the Desert of Mystery. Found in the southwestern corner of the Dark World, the Swamp of Evil is sealed in by mountain ranges. The swamp can only be reached through a Dark World Portal in the Desert of Mystery on a ledge that itself is inaccessible unless Link uses the Flute.

The Swamp of Evil is a rainy, dismal place. Huge Lily Pads and tangled vines cover the surface of the swamp. Most of the swamp is shallow water, although there are a few rare islands. Swamolas infest the wetlands, Dactos perch in the shrubbery to swoop at Link, and Kus inhabit the deep parts. There are a few caves, including one that contains a Piece of Heart.

Concealed within the depths of the Swamp of Evil is the entrance to the Misery Mire. Link must use the Ether Medallion to stop the never-ending rain and raise the entrance.

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