The Swamp Tourist Center is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The building is located on a raised platform situated near the entrance to the Southern Swamp. The location is the center for the Pictograph contest and Old Koume's Boat Cruise. The Swamp Tourist Center has also placed many informative signs throughout the Southern Swamp, most of which mark the location of Spring Water, and some that issue warnings about enemies.

Pictograph Contest

The contest is run by the Guide, who is the father of Tingle. Link is given a Pictograph Box and is meant to take the best picture possible within the boundaries of the region of Woodfall. If he then returns it to the Swamp Tourist Center, the Guide will judge the picture. If Link takes a picture of swamp scenery, he will be given the choice of a prize of five Rupees, or a free Boat Cruise. If Link can manage to take a photo of either Tingle or the Deku King, he will be given a Piece of Heart (after Link gets Piece of Heart already, Guide gives him Fishing Hole Pass instead in 3DS remake).

Swamp Boat Cruise

When Link first arrives in the Southern Swamp, he will find that there is nobody behind the counter running the Swamp Boat Cruise. After he saves Koume from the Woods of Mystery, however, she will return to the Swamp Tourist Center to operate the cruise. The cruise will take the passengers from the Swamp Tourist Center to the Deku Palace, safely transporting them past the poison water and the Bigoctos guarding the caves in the swamp. Once Link defeats Odolwa in the Woodfall Temple and the water is no longer poisoned, Koume opens a target-shooting minigame in which Link can win a Piece of Heart (N64) or a Bottle (3DS) by hitting the target twenty or more times with arrows as Koume flies around in front of him. Link will fail the minigame if he hits Koume more than ten times.

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