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The Ocean Fishing Hole Owner is a character that appears in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. As his name implies, he is the owner and proprietor of the Swamp Fishing Hole located next door to the Swamp Shooting Gallery in the Woodfall region. He is the older brother of the Ocean Fishing Hole. Despite his and his brother resemblance to the Man from the Trading Post and Man from the Curiosity Shop, both he and his brother deny there is any relation between themselves and the men (or man) Link encounters in Clock Town.

Like his Hyrulean counterpart the Pond Owner, he has a habit of scratching himself, a trait he shares with his brother.

It is implied he is the owner of the Ocean Fishing Hole's abandoned Fish Journal bulletin board, which Link and Tatl decide to use to record Link's catches within said fishing hole.

If Link manage to catch the unlisted Lord Chapu-Chapu, the owner will explain that the fish is a legendary fish said to be King o' the Swamp Fishing Hole and congratulates him on managing to catch it.


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Man from the Curiosity Shop's Brother

Since he will mention that you think he looks like the guy from the Curiosity Shop, but doesn't know what you're talking about and then asks you to stop, it could be that the Man from the Curiosity Shop is related to the Swamp Fishing Hole Owner and is embarrassed by it.

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