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The Swamp is never seen in the book
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The Swamp is a location featured in The Crystal Trap. When Princess Zelda reaches the Pillar Crossroads, she will have a choice between taking the swamp, forest, or desert path.

As Zelda is traveling through the swamp, she will hear the sound of a creature far off in the distance. When she reaches the noise of the creature,the princess will meet Geetchee, a blue-furred, ugly monster who is trying to dig out something out of the mud. Zelda, thinking that whatever the monster is looking for could be important, scares Geetchee away with her arrows and digs up in the place of the creature to find the Large Brass Key.

Eventually, Zelda will encounter a path of dry ground to her right that seems to go up a slope and out of the swamp. It is at this point that the young princess must decide whether she should exit the swamp or head deeper into it. If Zelda exits the swamp now, she will end up outside the Cavern, just in front of the Iron Door. However, if she decides to go deeper into the swamp, she will meet up with Geetchee again, who is trapped in a pit of quicksand and begs Zelda to save him. The princess hesitates on saving the monster, but Geetche then throws a stick against her feet, causing Zelda to fall into the quicksand as well. The mossunger calls Zelda stupid and says he has a rope to free himself from the quicksand, which he uses to escape. Watching helplessly as Geetchee walks away with the rope, she slowly starts stinking deeper into the quicksand.

If Zelda has the Magic Rope from Midoro Palace, the princess will be able to safely get out of the quicksand and exit the swamp. Not possessing the Magic Rope will lead to Zelda's demise.