"Only Stalkoblin have reason to be up this late, traveler. This is Swallow's Roost, Rito Village's premiere-and only-inn."

Swallow's roost is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It can be found at Rito Village in the Tabantha Frontier region of Hyrule. It is one of four special inns located throughout Hyrule. It is run by the Rito Innkeeper Cecili and employs Verla as a greeter.

Link can find the newlyweds Jogo and Juney staying here during their honeymoon in Rito Village. Jogo can be found at the inn during the day, while Juney can be found sitting on the platform between Kaneli and Saki's homes. Both Jogo and Juney can be found sleeping in the inn at night. If Link talks to Cecili at night, she will tell him that only Stalkoblin have a reason to be up so late, referencing the fact that Stalkoblin only appear at night.


"Home of the world-famous Rito-down bed."

This inn offers a standard Bed for 20 Rupees, though it offers a special service for 80 Rupees. While its standard bed is cheaper, it only restores hearts and does not give Link extra hearts or extra stamina.

Rito-down Bed

"The Rito-down bed is made using only genuine Rito feathers. I will warn you-sleep a night on this bed, and you will never want to sleep on a stable bed ever again! Should you not wake up full of energy in the morning, I'll eat my own tailfeathers! GUARANTED!"
— Cecili

As Swallow's Roost, is a special inn offers a special Rito-down bed which is made using only genuine Rito feathers. Link can stay in a Rito-down bed for 80 Rupees. Sleeping in the Rito-down bed will fully restore and overfill Link's Heart Containers by 3, as well as overfilling his Stamina Wheel by a full circle. Humorously, Cecili is so confident that people will wake up full of energy that she promises to eat her own tailfeathers should they fail to do so, though fortunately her confidence in it is well placed. She also warns Link that he may not want to sleep on a stable bed ever again after sleeping on a Rito-down bed. According to the Inn's sign, its Rito-down beds are world famous.

Related Side Quest

Main article: The Spark of Romance

Link can speak to Jogo at the inn during the day to take part in the Side Quest "The Spark of Romance" in which Jogo needs some Flint to make Baked Apples for his new wife who is angry about spending their honeymoon in Rito Village. If Link brings him some Flint, Jogo will reward him with a Silver Rupee and after the Quest is complete, Jogo will buy Flint from Link in exchange for Rupees.


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