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Suprena is a character in The Faces of Evil.[1]


Suprena is a sorceress who Link encounters in Serigon Caves. She carries a crystal wand with her, which she waves to make herself magically disappear. She also keeps a mirror that can look into visions of other locations.

When Link first meets her, she demands that he go to Fortress Centrum to retrieve her the "treasure of death", the Crystal of Reflection. Once he brings it to her, she uses it to enhance his Shield into the Reflecting Shield, so that it can reflect certain spells back at the caster.[2]


  1. "Na het scheepswrak krijg je namelijk eerst nog het Fort (waar je een kristal krijgt nadat je Goronu gedood hebt) en vervolgens de grotten van Serigon (waar Suprena het kristal gebruikt om je schild reflecterend te maken)."  (CD Interactief Volume 3, Issue 7-8 (HUB Uitgevers) pg. 33)
  2. "This shield both sword and spear deflects, but cannot stop the vilest curse. This crystal makes the shield reflect, cursing the curser with twice the curse!" — Suprena (The Faces of Evil)