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Super Mario Maker 2 is a game in the Super Mario series released for the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Like the first Super Mario Maker, the game allows players to create levels and share them with others.

Super Mario Maker 2 originally did not have any references to The Legend of Zelda series. However, with the release of the Ver. 2.0.0 update on December 5, 2019, promoted as A Legendary Update,[1] Link was added as a playable character through the use of the Master Sword power-up, but only in the Super Mario Bros. style. Link has the ability to jump, perform a Down Thrust or a Dash Attack with his sword, lay down Bombs, use a Shield, and use a Bow to shoot Arrows in multiple directions.

Two weeks later, on December 19, 2019, Nintendo released a course titled "The Speedventure of Link," which focuses on the use of Link.


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