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Super Mario-kun is a manga series of the Mario franchise originally from Japan. Certain issues both reference and include content originally from The Legend of Zelda series.

Relevance to The Legend of Zelda[]

In chapter 4 of volume 4 of the long-running manga, Mario and Yoshi find themselves in Hyrule. Mario is armed with a Mushroom Sword (which later is powered-up into the Master Mushroom Sword), while Yoshi becomes his shield. They encounter a Spear Throwing Soldier, Rupees, Octoroks, Zoras, an Armos, and finally Agahnim, as well as a Fairy and the Cursed Fairy with the same face as Bowser's.

In chapter 7, still of volume 4, while approaching Bowser's Castle, Mario pulls out the Pegasus Boots that he stole from his adventure in Hyrule and uses them to reach quickly the castle. Meanwhile, behind the page, Link is looking desperately for them.

The Master Mushroom Sword later reappears in chapter 3 of volume 13.