"How about playing the Super Cucco-findin' game with me?"

The Super Cucco-findin' Game is a mini-game from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Run by Talon in his house at Lon Lon Ranch, it can be played for 10 Rupees. The object of the mini-game is to find the three Super Cuccos among a flock of normal Cuccos within 30 seconds. Although the game seems simple, there is no discernible difference between a normal Cucco and a "Super Cucco", forcing Link to run around, picking up as many Cuccos as he can before time expires.

If the player watches carefully, he or she can usually see to where at least one "Super Cucco" flies during the pre-game cutscene. Link can easily separate the "Super Cuccos" from the regular Cuccos before the game starts. This is done by picking up and throwing all of the regular Cuccos between the stairs and the table against which Talon is leaning. Since the Cuccos' positions will not reset as the games start, the only Cuccos in the area will be the "Super Cuccos". If Link can successfully manage to find all three "Super Cuccos", Talon offers Malon's hand in marriage, but admits he is joking regardless of Link's response. Instead, he gives Link a bottle of Lon Lon Milk as a prize, and tells Link to stop by if he ever wants to purchase more milk. Link can also replay the game at a later point in time to gain a refill of milk, for less than buying one would cost.

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