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Sunshroom Sensing
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Quest Giver Symin
Prerequisite(s)Upgraded Sheikah Sensor
Location Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Reward Hearty Truffles ×3
Previous Quest
"Slated for Upgrades"

"Sunshroom Sensing" is a Side Quest in Breath of the Wild.[1]


After Link upgrades the Sheikah Sensor during the "Slated for Upgrades" Side Quest, Symin will ask to see it.[2] When Link speaks to him, Symin notes how useful it should be.[3] He explains that Link can now use the Sheikah Sensor to sense Items that he has taken a Picture of with his Camera.[4]

To demonstrate how the Sheikah Sensor works, Symin offers to help try it out.[5] He tells Link to take a Picture of a Sunshroom and there is one behind the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.[6] This begins the Side Quest.

Once Link has photographed a Sunshroom and registered it to his Hyrule Compendium, he can return to Symin.[7] He instructs Link to open the Compendium to set the Sheikah Sensor to find Sunshrooms.[8] For more detailed steps, he directs Link to the Sheikah Sensor Notes, which are located on the desk nearby.[9]

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Symin asks Link to find three Sunshrooms for him.[10] He suggests searching for them in Retsam Forest using the Sheikah Sensor.[11] Once again, Link can return to Symin after collecting three Sunshrooms.[12]

If Link chooses to hand over the Sunshrooms,[13] Symin will be thankful and reward him with three Hearty Truffles.[14] He asks if the upgraded Sheikah Sensor + was to his liking.[15] Suddenly, Symin remembers that there was something else he wanted to discuss with Link, inviting him to come back when he has the time.[16] With this, the Side Quest will be completed.


Stage Description
1 The Sheikah Sensor + can detect anything already registed in the Hyrule Compendium. To demonstrate the possibilities, Symin gave you some fieldwork.

Use the Camera to register a sunshroom behind the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, and then report back to Symin.
2 Now that you've registered a sunshroom in the Hyrule Compendium, the Sheikah Sension + can detect sunshrooms wherever you are.

Go north of Hateno Village to Retsam Forest, and find three wild sunshrooms there. When you have all three, turn them over to Symin.
Complete You gave Symin the three sunshrooms he requested.

Symin helped you see how valuable registering things to your Hyrule Compendium can be. If you have an item registered in your compendium, it's easy to find with the Sheikah Sensor +.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseウツシエとシーカーセンサー (Utsushie to shīkāsensā)
Taiwan, Hong Kong, MacaoChineseTR照相機和希卡感應器 (Zhàoxiàngjī héxī kǎ gǎnyìng qì)
NetherlandsDutchFotografisch geheugen
FranceFrenchEUPhoto et détecteur
GermanyGermanFotografisches Gedächtnis
ItalyItalianCercasi caldoncelli
South KoreaKorean사진기와 시커 센서 (Sajingiwa sikeo senseo)
RussiaRussian«Улучшенный локатор» («Uluchshennyy lokator»)
SpainSpanishEUSensor sheikah y cámara
Latin AmericaSpanishLASensor sheikah + y cámara
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