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Sumo Wrestlin' is a Mini-Game in Twilight Princess.[1] It is based on the classic Japanese martial art, Sumo.

Location and Rules[]

Link is taught the art of Sumo by Mayor Bo, who explains the basics of Sumo Wrestlin'. From within an arena, each wrestler is expected to push the opponent outside of it. Wrestlers can strike their opponent, grab them directly to push them, or sidestep to avoid being struck. After being appraised of the basics of Sumo, Mayor Bo challenges Link to a match in order for the young hero to obtain the secret to defeating the Gorons, who refuse to let outsiders onto Death Mountain.[2][3] If Link can defeat Mayor Bo twice, he will concede that the hero has grown stronger and offer him the key to besting the Gorons,[4] the Iron Boots.[5] Mayor Bo reveals that he used the Iron Boots to win against his opponents, and that he's kept it secret ever since.[6] Not far from the Sumo ring in Mayor Bo's basement, Link may find an instructional series of posters entitle The Way of Sumo, divided into Parts I, II, and III.[7][8][9]

The basics of Sumo Wrestlin' are effectively identical to dealing with charging Goats,[10] as Link must steady himself, grab the Goat by the horns and knock it over. The same principle is applied when Link must ascend Death Mountain, as Gorons will charge towards the hero and attempt to knock him off the mountain. With the Iron Boots, Link is able to stop the rolling Gorons, and throw them aside.

When Link reaches the top of Death Mountain, he is confronted by several Gorons, who threaten to ram into him, but are stopped by Gor Coron, who compliments the young hero's achievements.[11] He informs Link that outsiders are not allowed into the Goron Mines unless they can win in a challenge of Sumo.[12] If Link manages to defeat Gor Coron, the elderly Goron will acknowledge his strength and grant him passage into the Goron Mines on the condition that the young hero must help calm their enraged patriarch, Darbus.[13] The basic wrestling techniques are revisited once more inside the Goron Mines, when Link faces Dangoro on top of a suspended ring above a pit of magma. In order to defeat Dangoro, Link must grab hold of him and knock him into the magma.


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