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The Summoning Gate is a class of Weapon used by Lana in Hyrule Warriors.[name reference needed] It is associated with Fire.

As its name implies, the Summoning Gate is capable of summoning miniature versions of Giant Bosses, among them being King Dodongo, Gohma, Manhandla, and Argorok, as well a giant Cucco during Lana's Special Attack. The monsters summoned are dependent on the attack combinations executed. By pressing the Strong Attack button, Lana can summon a random monster from the Gate to briefly attack her enemies. After summoning that monster, Lana can perform that monster's required button combination to summon it again and perform a different, stronger attack. In Hyrule Warriors Legends, the Giant Bosses are replaced by color-coded spheres.


The default Summoning Gate is the Gate of Time. The second form of the Summoning Gate is the Guardian's Gate, followed by the Gate of Souls.

The Lv.★ form of the Summoning Gate is the 8-Bit Compass, which is modeled after the Compass from The Legend of Zelda. It was added to Hyrule Warriors with the Majora's Mask Pack DLC. In Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, instead of appearing as a separate Weapon, the 8-Bit Compass replaces the Gate of Tides when the "8-Bit Weapons" Setting is turned on in Game Settings within the Settings menu.

In Hyrule Warriors Legends and Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition, the Lv.4+ form of the Summoning Gate is the Gate of Tides, which is associated with both of the Elements of Fire and Water.

Weapon Power
Number of Stars
Tier Icon Element(s) 0 1 2 3 4 5
Lv.1 HW Gate of Time Icon
Gate of Time
HWDE Fire Element Icon Fire 80 88 96 104 112 120
Lv.2 HW Guardian's Gate Icon
Guardian's Gate
HWDE Fire Element Icon Fire 150 165 180 195 210 225
Lv.3 HW Gate of Souls Icon
Gate of Souls
HWDE Fire Element Icon Fire 280 308 336 364 392 420
Lv.★ (HW | HWDE) HW 8-Bit Compass
8-Bit Compass
HWDE Fire Element Icon Fire 280 308 336 364 392 420
Lv.4 (HWL | HWDE) HW Gate of Souls Icon
Gate of Souls +
HWDE Fire Element Icon Fire 500 550 600 650 700 750
Lv.4+ (HWL | HWDE) HW Gate of Souls Icon
Gate of Tides
HWDE Fire Element Icon Fire
HWDE Water Element Icon Water
500 550 600 650 700 750

Attack Combinations[]

Attack Pattern Effect
X Lana summons one of four random monsters, with the effect depending on the monster summoned. This will cause an icon of said monster to appear below Lana's special gauge, temporarily boosting the combo attack featuring it.
  • King Dodongo breathes fire in front of it, potentially trapping any nearby enemies.
  • Gohma fires a laser in a wide area in front of it.
  • A Manhandla stalk creates a poisonous area nearby it, slowing down any enemies caught in it.
  • Argorok spins in a circle, breathing fire around itself.
Y X X Lana dances around as the gate spins around her torso like a hula hoop, summoning King Dodongo, who stomps the ground and rolls forward. When enhanced, King Dodongo stomps the ground, then Lana summons two King Dodongos who shoot fireballs in an X shape.
Y Y X X Lana summons a Manhandla stalk, then has it spin around before it shoots a barrage of seeds upwards that land in front of it. When enhanced, she summons two Manhandla stalks that spin forwards before firing a barrage of seeds forward.
Y Y Y X X Lana summons Gohma, which stomps the ground. When enhanced, she summons two Gohmas that fire energy bombs in front of them in an X shape.
Y Y Y Y X X Lana summons Argorok, which fires a stream of fire as it flies forward. When enhanced, she hops on its back and rides on it, firing a stream of fire that can be controlled with the left stick. The attack has a set duration, but pressing X again will have Argorok spit a fireball on the ground, immediately ending the attack.
Y Y Y Y Y Lana spins the Gate around her several times, then hops inside it and then emerges from it while performing an uppercut.

Special Attack[]

Main article: Special Attack

The Summoning Gate's three rings break apart and hover in front of Lana, rotating like gears for a few seconds. One large gate appears on the ground in front of her, and an enormous Cucco emerges out and charges forward in attack until it disappears. Lana then floats down from a jump holding a normal-sized Cucco. This attack damages a circular area in front of Lana, and a path far ahead as well.

Focus Spirit[]

Main article: Focus Spirit

Upon activation, Lana twirls through the rings of her Summon Gates in the air, performs a back flip and then strikes a pose through the rings. During her Focus Spirit Attack, the Summon Gate's rings are positioned in front of Lana, which then fire attacks at her enemies four times. Each attack is associated with the Giant Bosses' own attacks, including King Dodongo's fire breath, Manhandla's bullet seeds, Gohma's laser beams, and Argorok's fireball. When the Focus Spirit gauge is depleted, Lana raises her Summon Gates into the air with her in the middle. The rings then combust in fiery energy from the ground.