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Sumati is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Sumati is a Gerudo who can be found in Gerudo Town's bar, The Noble Canteen. If Link goes into the Canteen, he will find Sumati accompanied by two other Gerudo named Pyra and Yaido. If Link speaks to one of them, they talk to each other about a password for a secret place.[2][3][4][5] They stop talking about it as soon as they notice that Link is listening and Sumati tells him to go away.[6][7] Link can eavesdrop on them by going onto the opposite side of the nearby window in Rotana's house.

If Link eavesdrops on them here before ever speaking to them while in The Noble Canteen, he will hear Yaido asking the others if they have heard of a rumor about Fashion Passion.[8] Sumati replies that she has heard the rumor and Yaido responds by saying that she asked Saula about it,[9] but Saula wouldn't tell her anything.[10] Pyra then mentions how suspicious it is that Saula won't give away any information.[11]

Once Link is eavesdropping on the Gerudo women after speaking to them directly, he will overhear Sumati referring to him as a little Hylian girl.[12] Pyra then says to forget about the girl and urges Yaido to tell them the password.[13] Yaido reveals that she overheard Saula say that the password is "GSC♦."[14] Sumati quickly realizes that it must stand for "Gerudo Secret Club" before the conversation ends.[15] The password that they reveal allows Link entry to the Gerudo Secret Club.

After Link calms Naboris, gains entry to the Gerudo Secret Club and speaks to the Gerudo women again, Yaido will question where Perda is.[16] Sumati says that she left in search of Lover's Pond and Pyra comments that it is rumored to be the perfect place to find true love.[17][18] Yaido then proceeds to say something,[19] but is interrupted when Sumati tells Link to go away.[7] Link can eavesdrop on them again from the window in Rotana's house to hear them talk about Perda in more detail. While listening, Yaido wonders how Perda is doing and Sumati comments about how enthusiastic she was to find Lover's Pond.[20][21] Yaido then talks about how quickly she left when she heard that Lover's Pond is in Faron.[22] This surprises Pyra, who thought it was only a rumor.[23] Sumati says that she does not know for sure, but her and Pyra conclude that Perda must have found true love because she has not returned yet.[24][25] At the end of the conversation, Yaido contemplates if she should also travel to Lover's Pond.[26]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
United KingdomEnglishBRSumati
JapanJapaneseスマティ (Sumati)
Latin AmericaSpanishLASumati
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