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Subterror is the Sub-Boss of the Moonlit Grotto in Oracle of Ages.[1]

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Subterror is a mole-like creature who sports sunglasses and a drill for a nose. It begins the fight by burrowing into the sand-covered ground and chasing after Link; its path visible as a small bump in the sand. Subterror cannot be harmed while underground, so Link must use the Shovel when it's within reach to dig it out of the ground, then strike it with the Sword while it's temporarily dizzy. It will then saunter off and dive back underground. However, if Subterror gets too close to Link, it will harm him by spiking its drill nose upward through the sand. After taking enough damage, Subterror will be defeated, leaving behind a Fairy and a portal to the Dungeon's entrance.


"Subterror" a portmanteu of subterranean, referring to its underground habitat, and terror.

  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  Japanese ドッグラー (Dogurā) Dogrā
  German Subterror