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Subrosian Smithy
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Inside the Subrosian Smithy
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The Subrosian Smithy is a location in Oracle of Seasons. It is the only metalworking place in Subrosia, or even Holodrum. It is here that Link can get the workers to combine the Hard Ore and Wooden Shield in order to create the Iron Shield, and later, to get the Rusty Bell polished so that it will become the Pirate's Bell.

The owners of the shop are more than a little strange, as they subtly request certain requests. If Link gives a wrong request, they will refuse him service, and make him come back later. They seem to demand different answers for different items; if Link kindly asks them to fix the Pirate's Bell, they'll refuse, whereas they'll be only too happy to do so if he demands it. When it comes to the shield, if Link demands they make it fine (to become the Iron Shield or Mirror Shield, depending on which shield Link has), they'll refuse him service, whereas if he tells them to do whatever, they'll happily comply. Despite this, it is not commonly believed that the Subrosians are insane; rather, it is considered to be part of their unknown culture.


If Link already has the Iron Shield, the shield the Subrosians create will be the Mirror Shield. This can only occur in a Linked Game.