"Welcome to the Subrosian Smithy! We do the finest work in the land, but we take on only jobs that interest us! The two in back are masters of the trade. I'm just a manager."
— Subrosian Smithy manager

The Subrosian Smithy is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. Located in the subterranean country of Subrosia, it is where Subrosians have their weapons and assorted metallic items forged and shaped. The manager takes orders while the Master and his apprentice work the forge in the back.

The Subrosian Smithy repairs and upgrades a variety of things for Link. When Link finds the Rusty Bell in Samasa Desert, they polish it, giving Link the Pirate's Bell. Once Link smelts the Hard Ore, they will upgrade his Wooden Shield to the Iron Shield. Additionally, in a Linked Game, after hearing the Smith Secret from a Subrosian in Labrynna, Link can tell the manager the secret; this results in the Master further upgrading Link's Iron Shield to the Mirror Shield.

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