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Subrosian Dance Hall
OoS Dance Hall Interior.png
Link obtaining the Boomerang in the Dance Hall
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The Subrosian Dance Hall is a location in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Features and Overview

The Subrosian Dance Hall is where all the dancing in Subrosia takes place. Link can win many items by playing the minigame were he must stay with the tempo and not run into the other dancers. Every time he is successful, the tempo will speed up next time. If successful, Link can obtain the Boomerang and a Strange Flute as a prize.


  • In the Oracle of Seasons multi-path book, the dance instructor is the only female Subrosian, as Rosa is not present.
  • In a Linked Oracle of Ages game, there are two Subrosians in Rolling Ridge in the past that claim that they will bring the dance back to Subrosia, suggesting that the Goron Dance inspired the Subrosian Dance.

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