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Not to be confused with Salona.

The Subrosians,[1] also known as the Subrosian Tribe,[2] are a recurring species in The Legend of Zelda series. They are the native inhabitants of the subterranean lava world of Subrosia.


Oracle of Seasons Manual Description
Oracle of Seasons logo
Subrosians are the strange dwellers of a hidden world Link visits during his quest. They are a mysterious people who always wrap themselves in robes. Many surprises await Link in Subrosia.

The majority of Subrosians live in Subrosia Village, a large settlement that comprises the majority of the underground realm they call home. It is rumored that they originated from the land of Holodrum, because foreigners can only enter Subrosia through stylized portals in Holodrum itself. Their society is built around lava pits and active volcanoes, though the race appears unaffected by the burning rock. Subrosians regularly enjoy volcano showers and partake in recreational lava baths, showing a tolerance for heat surpassing that of any other intelligent race.

Secretive by nature, Subrosians always wear full-body robes, keeping their physical identities private to all but themselves. Likewise, the members of the race prefer to keep to themselves, rarely venturing outside their homeland to interact with the races living above ground. Despite being located beneath the land of Holodrum, the existence of Subrosia is largely unknown to outsiders, as even the nearly omnipotent Maku Tree is unable to sense the Essence of Nature hidden away in the subterranean realm. The Subrosians seem to value this privacy, as Rosa was shown sneaking back home after visiting the surface world, carefully proceeding to the nearest portal while remaining vigilant to avoid prying eyes.

As their habitat suggests, Subrosians enjoy symbolically "hot" activities. They are fond of music and dancing, as evident from their Dance Hall, and Rosa's status as a famous pop singer. Their volcanic climate and self-imposed isolation from mainstream society contributes to their use of Ore Chunks as currency as compared to the Hyrulean Rupee, as it is more abundant in the area and vital to their continuity as a culture, as Rupees are to Hyrule. In addition to the use of Ore Chunks, Subrosians are known to barter using other items as forms of payment, including mystical seeds. While they are aware of the mainstream form of currency, Subrosians do not accept Rupees.

The only race Subrosians appear to associate with are the Gorons, whom they share many attributes; among which are a fondness for volcanic environments, utilization of Bomb Flowers, and a love of dancing. In a Linked Game, Rosa can be found visiting the Goron Dance Hall located at the eastern base of Labrynna's Rolling Ridge. While she expresses a preference for the Subrosian Dance in comparison, several more Subrosians are shown to have been students of the Graceful Goron 400 years ago, with one even expressing a desire to open his own dance hall in Subrosia.


  • An early version of the Subrosians, named the "Ulra Tribe," were to appear in The Legend of Zelda: The Acorn of the Mystery Tree -- Tale of Power, the unreleased title that ultimately became Oracle of Seasons.[3]


The Subrosians are known as the ウーラ in Japan. ウーラ means "hidden", referring to the race's secretive nature. For their Western name, the localization team played a little with that description to come up with a more interesting name than a literal translation would provide, a strategy they also utilized for the トカゲ人 from Oracle of Ages. When the term "subrosia" is taken apart, it becomes "sub rosa", "underneath the rose" in Latin. In ancient times, a rose over a doorway signified that a secret meeting was taking place. The name Subrosia literally means "secret place" and Subrosian "secretive person".

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ウーラ (Ūra) Hidden
French Republic FrenchEU Subrosien
Federal Republic of Germany German Subrosianer
Italian Republic Italian Subrosiano
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Subrosio



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